Yoga Teacher Trainings - What's the hype?

Ever wonder why so many people are signing up for Yoga Teacher Training programs?  

It’s not all about becoming a yoga teacher!  Many take on this endeavor simply to learn more about themselves. As a human race we are craving longer, lasting and more meaningful experiences and yoga teacher training programs can provide a rich and fertile ground for this kind of learning.

Every one of us longs to be happy. We long to be free of the baggage we carry around, filled with fear, insecurity, the voice of NO, shame, guilt and worry. We look for quick fixes—reading books, taking classes, setting goals—and we add more to plates which are already overflowing with stress and expectations.

Meanwhile, the teachings of yoga have been working for more than 5000 years! Yoga requires contemplation, practice, and a willingness to look intimately at ourselves, including the shadow parts that we ignore, cover up and run away from. The practices are physical, mental and energetic, and call upon us to say YES! YES to integrating all aspects of ourselves, to being deeply truthful, kind, heartfelt and open with our words, thoughts and actions.

Signing up for a 200-hour yoga teacher training means you are saying YES to yourself! Yes, to taking a dedicated amount of time to direct your attention inside. Yes, to living vibrantly, confidently, and with the inherent freedom to choose the life you wish to create. Yes, to remembering all that is good about you and to becoming more skillful at turning up the volume on those parts of you that are aching to be expressed.

When we set out to create a Yoga Teacher Training, we designed it as a pilgrimage. Inspired by Paulo Coelho's Pilgrimage, our training is a step-by-step path towards knowing the wisdom of your heart, finding your voice, and aligning with your own unique, creative self. 

In one year there are 8760 hours and 52 weekends. Spending 200 hours on yourself, in community, reflection, contemplation all in a safe and engaging environment is a drop in the bucket in your life! Join us on this once in a lifetime pilgrimage of the HEART, and SAY YES to YOU!

With Joy,

P.S. If this is something you have been thinking about, here is an article on choosing the right yoga teacher training for you: