Chinese Medicine Health Corner

Today the sun set at 4:19 PM. Many of us suffer as the days shorten and the air turns

cold. Instead of distracting yourself with your usual busy routines, I invite you to make time one

afternoon this week to sit at sunset and notice how this early darkening feels in your body when

you don’t resist it, but invite it in. Autumn is the time when the yang of summer pivots towards

the yin of winter, just as the Earth tilts those of us in the northern hemisphere away from the

sun. Yin is the dark, it is the still and the silent; it is feminine, receptive and heavy. These are

things our high-tech, fast-paced culture is at odds with. As you sit in the early darkening of the

day, see if you can appreciate the night that is falling, the quiet repose it brings, and see if you

can find the echo of that quieting within yourself. Allow yourself to have an inward moment of

silent reflection before you start turning on your electric lights and charging forward with your

endless (if your life is anything like mine) to do list. Just as the trees are releasing their leaves

and bringing their life energy - their sap - deep into their roots, for a moment, allow the

inessentials to fall away and bring your life force back deep within you.

Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs are helpful tools for those who have difficulty with the

approaching cold and loss of sunlight that this time of year brings.

Saturday, November 24th 3-5:30pm join Jen Peterson and I for Yoga and Acupuncture: Metal

Element at Yoga Roots in Shelburne. Or come by the Open House December 1st at 11am for my

talk on Health and Harmony for Winter, a Chinese medicine perspective.

Currently I am offering a ‘seasonal transition support’ discount. Please call for details or set up an

appointment! Julie Bibleheimer, Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist

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