Class Descriptions

Vinyasa Flow

Consciously linking the movement of the body to the movement of the breath, these classes are a dynamic, flowing practice which leads you through a balanced series of postures to strengthen and build flexibility, promoting physical stamina and a sense of deep inner calm.  

Suitable for students with at least 1 year of regular practice to an advanced practitioner.

There are a variety of Vinyasa Flow styles.  Yoga Roots offers:


Core Flow

Enjoy a vigorous vinyasa flow which emphasizes moving through asanas that utilize your core.  Inspired by my background in Ashtanga and Pilates, Mula and Uddiyana Bandhas are incorporated to build deep core strength and stability.  Strengthen your core to support you in your yoga practice and during your day to day routines. Suitable for experienced students that enjoy a challenge.

Core & More

Each class will use heat building postures to build core strength, increase focus and improve balance.  Then there is MORE..... intention setting, pranayama, and flowing movements linked to the breath. Come refresh your mind, body & spirit.  Suitable for all levels.

Energetic Flow

This is an upbeat, moderately paced Vinyasa class designed with postures to build core strength, to encourage stability and flexibility through proper alignment, and to fill the body and mind with positive energy. Expect a lively playlist as you journey through a well rounded flow that will leave you feeling ready to take on whatever the day brings. Some yoga experience suggested.

Flow and Go

Enjoy a midday yoga break! Come take 30 minutes to center, breathe, and move. This will be a short vinyasa flow class designed for all levels, and especially for those who want to access the benefits of yoga but may not have the time in their busy day for a full hour class. Come flow and then go enjoy the rest of your day!  Suitable for all levels.

Gentle Vinyasa

Start your week with simple slow movements and positive intentions, clearing space for the day ahead. This all levels class will leave you with some freedom in both your mind and body without breaking too much of a sweat.  Suitable for all levels.

Heated Vinyasa Flow

An invigorating Vinyasa Flow taught in a heated environment (80 to 85 degrees) that stretches the body, mind, and spirit while toning the muscles, increasing range of motion of the joints, and releasing toxins through breath and sweat.  Suitable for experienced students that enjoy a challenge.

Saturday Flow

A vinyasa based class designed for the student that wants to be challenged in a fun Flow. You will move through a strong and well rounded practice that includes core conditioning, flexibility, balance and movement. Taught with clear direction and options for taking it easy or practicing full expression of the poses. You will get breath breaks to reground or play within your own practice. If you are seeking a straight up yoga workout and an invigorating, fun way to start your Saturday, this is for you!

Morning Flow

An energizing class that will kick start your morning and inspire you to move through the rest of your day with intention and ease. This class unites body and breath by integrating rhythmic breathing with conscious movement.  Suitable for all levels.

Rise & Shine Yoga

Start your day with intention, mindfully breathing and flowing through an all levels practice with a sprinkle of core work. Ending the class with relaxation, you will leave ready to take on your day. Suitable for all levels.

Strong Flow

Building on Monday night’s Slow Flow sequence, this class focuses on building stamina, stability and balance.  Expect a moderate flow with longer holds to build muscular strength and confidence. Suitable for all levels.

Sweat & Surrender

Experience a blissful balance of strength and surrender with 45 minutes of a heat-building Vinyasa practice for strength, flexibility, and balance, followed by 30 minutes of  deeply opening yin postures, held for 3-5 minutes each and practiced in candlelight. Suitable for students with at least 1 year of regular practice to an advanced practitioner.


This class progresses from movement to stillness to bring balance to both body and mind. Class begins with a warming Vinyasa flow to stimulate the Yang energies of heat, movement and effort, followed by 2-3 passive Yin poses which promote coolness, relaxation and ease. This soulful class will leave you feeling refreshed and energized to take on the week ahead.   Suitable for students with at least 1 year of regular practice to an advanced practitioner

Alignment Based Yoga

These classes spend more time breaking down yoga poses to learn safe alignment techniques and practices.  Learning good alignment will elevate your practice and help prevent injury from repetitive movements.

Yoga Roots offers:


Anusara Inspired- Level I/II

This multi-level class combines precise alignment instructions with heart oriented themes to leave you feeling integrated, open and energized.  You will learn a wide variety of poses including variations on standing poses, balancing poses as well how to safely break down handstand, wheel and other level II poses.  Suitable for all levels.  

Yoga for the Stiff and Sore

Think you are too stiff and sore to take a yoga class? Join Andrea (Shelburne) or Kyle (Williston), yoga instructor and PT and learn how to safely stretch and breathe in to your stiff and sore places. In just a few weeks of regularly attending this class, you will begin to feel more open and flexible. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Suitable for all levels.  Beginners welcome!

Vibrant Warriors

Designed for anyone who wants to stay active & vibrant well into their 90’s:-) Learn safe alignment that builds bones, increases flexibility in body, mind and spirit, and keeps you feeling confident, courageous and vibrant! Expect to break down poses and increase your awareness of small alignment based adjustments, that will yield big results on and off your mat! Wrists, ankles, elbows, knees, hips, and shoulders cranky from overuse?  This is your class! Suitable for all levels.  Beginners welcome!


New to yoga?  Looking to slow down the pace? Recovering from an injury or other health challenges?  

These classes move at a slower pace and will help you become stronger and more flexible.  Suitable for beginners to advanced practitioners.

Yoga Roots offers:

Beginner Yoga

Learn to integrate the foundations of yoga: breathing techniques, postural alignment and how to be more present to your mind, body and spirit. You will learn how to build strength and balance by creating a solid foundation that is rooted in good alignment, body awareness, breath and heart.

Chair Yoga

This class offers all of the benefits of regular yoga without having to get onto the floor. Using a chair for support while learning a pose enables you to practice yoga safely and with confidence, while encouraging the body to stretch. Guided breathing with proper movement of the body encourages optimum flexibility and health. Perfect for anyone that would like a gentle yoga practice or is recovering from injury or personal challenge. This class is beneficial to help regain lost flexibility, stamina and balance.

Gentle Kripalu

Kripalu means being compassionate and is a heart centered yoga practice. In this class we'll use body and breath awareness to move through traditional Hatha yoga poses. Students will leave feeling grounded and open, full of their unique potential and equipped to bring the practice off the mat and into their lives.

Gentle Yoga

Practice gentle asana sequences to calm your mind and open and strengthen your body. Breathing techniques and the use of props will help you develop a deeper connection with the inner core of your being. You can expect a gentle, playful approach with attention to right action more than form. This class is suitable for all levels and is especially healing for those dealing with arthritis, osteoporosis and carpal tunnel syndrome as well as those recovering from illness or injury.  Suitable for all levels.  Beginners welcome!

Hatha Yoga

The object of this class is to create a balance of the interacting activities of the physical, mental and energy bodies. We’ll explore these principles through the practices of pranayama, mindfulness and asana. The goal is a spiritual awakening and the achievement of radiant health.   The class is open to all levels. No one leaves discouraged.

Slow Flow

In this class, yoga postures are linked together with breath creating a graceful “flow”. Students will be encouraged to visit poses for several breaths, allowing adequate time to make adjustments that help deepen their practice or align the physical body. Various styles of music will be in incorporated into each class to help students tune out the day and discover their true Self.  Suitable for all levels.

Quieter Practices for Stress Relief and Mindfulness

These classes focus on releasing stress and inviting relaxation to infuse your being.  You will learn what it feels like to have a relaxed body and a quiet mind and in time you will learn how sustain this kind of peace throughout your day.

Yoga Roots offers:


De-stress Yoga

Unwind and return to your center. This class incorporates pranayama, meditation, mudra and asana to help release tension while gaining strength and flexibility. Particular attention is paid to areas where we typically hold stress: the neck, shoulders, hips and chest. Postures are suitable and adaptable for all levels due to the wide use of props. Modifications will be offered. Partner and restorative poses may be incorporated into some classes.


This weekly hour-long meditation time is a wonderful gift you can give to yourself. Learn how to still the chatter in your mind and enjoy dropping in to your quiet center. Teachers will guide you and teach a variety of meditation methods since this is not a “one shoe fits all” practice. Scientifically proven to reduce stress and create the conditions for vitality, greater focus and health.

Restorative Yoga

Give yourself the healing gift of conscious relaxation with this deeply therapeutic style of Restorative Yoga. Let stress and tension melt away as you are guided through 3-4 longer-held, fully supported postures. Guided imagery, breath work, and music are used to deepen the relaxation response to balance body, mind, and spirit. Some gentle movement to warm and prepare the body to let go and receive. You will emerge rooted, radiant, and revitalized.

Slow Yoga

This all level class is ideal for students who like to flow at a slower pace and experience the joy of a quiet mind. We will move  slowly with an emphasis on building strength and flexibility.

Yoga & Self Care

Yoga IS self-care.  As you practice, your bones, muscles, heart, brain, nervous system - and more - will benefit! Explore yoga poses, breath work and positive visualization techniques that will strengthen & soothe your body and mind.  Side effects may include feelings of peace, serenity, and calm!

Yin Yoga

A beautiful slower practice that involves holding poses, mostly seated, for longer periods of time. Poses are generally held for up to 3-5 minutes with a focus on the connective tissues and the joints. The main physical benefits of yin yoga are the hydration of the connective tissues and the increased blood flow in the joints. We tap into our parasympathetic nervous system so we can relax and allow our body to do its natural magic restoring and nourishing our tissues and systems. This is a great counter practice for the more heat building and muscular focused core and vinyasa yoga classes.